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About Us

What if you knew someone really great in real estate?  Someone smart, well-connected and conscientious, someone you could rely on to promote your interests?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that friend was ready to help you with whatever you need, whether you’re buying or selling, whether it’s your own home or investment property, whether you’re looking to move quickly or just keeping your eye on the market?  Wouldn’t that make your dealings in the real estate industry more comfortable, confident and successful?

Troy Watson and Matthew Keutzer believe it would, and with Ashley Cooper Real Estate you’ve got a friend in the business.

Troy and Matthew met when Troy helped Matthew and his wife buy their home.  Later, the two worked on several projects as agent and builder respectively, and in all their dealings Matthew appreciated Troy’s professionalism, commitment to a job well done and concern about his client’s best interest.  Over the years as they discussed their shared belief that striving for excellence and treating people right is the foundation of good business, Troy and Matthew recognized an opportunity to form a company that would focus on taking care of their clients, making the clients’ interests their own and developing relationships that would continue over decades.  With these core principles established, Ashley Cooper Real Estate, ACRE, was born.

At ACRE we measure our success by your personal definition.  We want what you want, and we will listen to find out what that is.  All of our efforts are concentrated on placing our expertise, our contacts and our research at your disposal.  You set the objectives; we help you achieve them. 

At ACRE we are here to work for you.  Your priorities are our priorities.  We want what you want, whether that’s a fixer-upper to turn around in a few months or five-bedrooms within walking distance of a good school. 

By listening, understanding and carrying out your objectives, we hope to build your confidence in our company – confidence in our goodwill, our trustworthiness, our personal attention and our readiness to put in the extra hours and make the extra effort.  Because with Ashley Cooper Real Estate you’ve got a friend in the business.