Brent Boatwright- Agent

Office: 843.819.2121

A Charlotte, NC native with extensive training in the culinary arts, Brent Boatwright knows how to bring individual "Components" together to create something masterful. To wit, in the same way several ingredients are combined to make an amazing dish, successful real estate deals require an amount of care, finesse & skill few other professions demand. For example, every real estate transaction involves different people with varying motives & responsibilities - Brent understands the value each person brings to the proverbial table and this recognition allows Brent & his clients to make the most of each opportunity. As a result, clients have learned to appreciate Brent's creativity, effective communication & listening skills, follow-through, honesty, persistence and responsiveness. That is why we believe you will be happy to have Brent working for you the next time you choose to Buy or Sell real estate in the Lowcountry. After all, you are going to invest a great deal of time in your Realtor - So, it only makes sense to spend this time with someone you like & trust...someone like Brent Boatwright.

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